KMPC Hemmat
KMPC Hemmat
A Mineral Processing Digital Library

How to search?

  1. Simple Search

Simple search is the easiest way to search in Hemmat database. To do that, just enter desired words or phrase in the below box (in Home Page) and click search.

  2. Advanced Search

This method is a combination of simple search and other terms to do a more accurate seach. Here you can use of boolean operators to combine multiple terms and add them as filters to your search.
Boolean precedence is as follows:

  • AND
  • OR

To do an advanced search:
Select one of booleans from List (No.1 of below Figure) and then type the words or phrase that you want to search in related text box (No.2 of below figure). Then select one of the available fields from drop down list that you want to apply filter on that (No.3 of below figure). Finally click on the "Add Filter" botton to apply them on your search.
To delete any filter from search, just select one from filters list (No.5 of below figure) and click on the "Delete Filter" botton.
The publication year filter can also be applied to search conditions by using related controls on page (No.4 of below figure)
* Number of filters to add to search is unlimited.
* If you leave the simple search box empty, then search will be done just by search filters.